Darlene Berliner


Professional Overview


Darlene Berliner possesses 17+ years of diverse experience in Human Resource executive leadership.

A trusted and passionate leader in her field, she has built her career on twin pillars of competence in business analysis and in interpersonal skills. The results: positive, motivating work environments which benefit individuals and organizations alike.

Effective managers retain talent and have happy, healthy performing teams. I pride myself on being one of those managers.

Darlene Berliner

Over the course of her career, Darlene has held various executive positions in Human Resource management. She has worked as a strategic partner to the C-suites of companies spanning numerous industries: global manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas/marine geosciences, and professional services. Her diverse background has allowed her to identify the key components of a positive and motivating workplace — and work tirelessly to integrate them into professional teams.

Darlene earned her undergraduate degree in Communications from Queens College. She went on to receive her MBA from Houston Baptist University and quickly found success as a Senior Finance Manager. However, she realized that her combination of “hard” and “soft” skills would be best suited in the field of Human Resources. She also became cognizant of the staggering costs associated with sourcing and keeping top talent — not to mention the millions of dollars in lost productivity that happens when a company’s employees are not properly engaged in their jobs. Driven by the twenty-first century model of HR as a truly strategic function for companies, Darlene decided to enter the field.

For over 17 years Darlene has excelled in full cycle human capital management for companies. She has served as a workforce and people management expert for companies with international presences, handling global and domestic multi-site responsibility for their staff. Serving as an approachable staff manager and an adept partner to all business leaders in an organization, Darlene is able to facilitate overall Human Resource delivery in support of Company strategies, goals, and objectives.

I believe that my power as a leader comes from who I am as a person, and my wealth of knowledge, not where my name sits on an organization chart.

Darlene Berliner

As an executive leader in HR, Darlene views genuine connection as the touchstone of all business performance.  Employees and managers seek out her guidance and partnership and she enjoys mentoring and helping them achieve their personal best. At the same time, she helps members of her team connect with one another — so that not only are they clear about their objectives and what they are trying to accomplish, but they enjoy working together to make it happen.

On this blog Darlene Berliner will share her insights into leadership, culled from many years of professional experience.