While it’s true that people are the most important asset in a company, keeping the talent happy and appreciated is a bargaining game. Companies that offer employee perks in addition to robust benefit plans, help to create more satisfied employees who love their jobs. In order for a company to remain competitive, there are plenty of perks that will please employees beyond a pay raise– let’s explore.

Flexible Work Schedules

Employee perks are an integral component of the modern workplace and lifestyle.  Employee lifestyles are different today than they were just a few years ago. The 9-5 work week year-round is becoming less popular as more companies are offering flexible work hours.

As companies ditch the 9-5 demand, employees are embracing this flexible mindset and are able to be more productive during work hours.  More jobs offer a “work from home” policy, remote positions, Summer Fridays, and close the office early the day before holiday weekends. Companies also offer flexible hours for employees to come in and out of the office. So you want to work 7-3 instead of 9-5? No problem. In 2018, more companies are adopting the flexible schedule policy.

Pet-Friendly Policy

There’s no questioning that dogs are man’s best friend and in some companies, employees get to bring their best friend to work with them. Pets have a natural calming ability along with other benefits they give to their owners. Research has found that pets in the workplace bring positive factors in the office from reducing stress to even boosting productivity. This sense of companionship is a major perk to the owner, other employees, and the pet as well. Increasing employee morale and life-work balance is definitely easier with a dog around.

Wellness Programs

Some companies offer reimbursement to employee gym and wellness memberships. Workplace wellness programs promote healthy lifestyles, giving employees a reason to improve their health which can then result in lowering health insurance spending. Some examples of incentives in this area are membership discounts, cash rewards, reimbursed memberships, and more. Encouraging employees to care for their health and wellness not only improves their lifestyles outside of work, but opens the door to healthier employees in the office.

These trending company-offered perks are not only improving employee morale across the nation, but also increasing employee productivity. Of course, maintaining a professional work environment is the highest priority, in any company, but making sure employees are happy and loyal to the company can go a long way in any business.