Finding the appropriate balance between one’s  work and personal lives can pose a challenge, In fact, this is especially true during society’s present robust period of sophisticated technology. Often times  it seems impossible to remove ourselves from the demands of our professional lives! The truth is, though, that blurring the line between the two worlds makes for a much more stressful lifestyle. Perhaps  answering that work email after business hours seems harmless enough,but this becomes one very slippery slope once this behavior begins. And further complicating the matter, is that work-life balance looks  a little different for everyone. The following are some expert suggestions to help one fashion a unique approach to a balanced lifestyle:



Yes, almost everyone has a smartphone these days, thereby making it all too easy to check email or text a  business partner about that expiring contract. However, when these actions begin cutting into time with loved ones, it is likely time to stop. Moreover, by responding around the clock,  employers, colleagues, customers, etc. receive the impression that one is available twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. This behavior is in no way plausible or manageable. Remember that business associates  will come to expect that same level of immediacy the more one demonstrates responsiveness during non work hours.. But, by initiating solid parameters around work and personal engagements, co-workers and clients will grow to respect those boundaries and conduct themselves accordingly.



Exercise releases  endorphins. It lifts one’s mood, helps to maintain general  health, and reduces stress. An individual who makes exercise as much a part of their daily routine as getting dressed in the morning, will likely benefit both  physically and mentally from this simple behavior modification.


Restructure your life.

Yes, human beings  are creatures of habit, but that in no way means  those habits can not be modified. One can begin by delegating certain personal tasks to  other household members. Perhaps a spouse can walk the dog, or even order pizza once a week instead of cooking every night. Taking small steps like these likely will make  life easier. It is vitally important one not assume that everyone in their circle will be adverse to the change; Work as a family unit to figure it out together.


Start small.

Change often does not happen overnight, and it’s not supposed to. One should view it  as a marathon – runners gradually build up to that twenty-six mile run ; they don’t start there. Therefore, if an individual is currently working  ten plus hour days, with little, if any, time for family activities, it is most practical to begin by attending one family event per month. .And if  one is never home in time for dinner, perhaps an initial commitment to attend one family dinner per week is an appropriate initial goal.


Trying to do too much at once will only lead to failure and disappointment, and ultimately sabotage or at a minimum, compromise the entire  goal. Remember the turtle wins the race!